We have been 100% remote at my job since March 13, 2020. It has been ok and terrible and depressing and fine and boring and sad and weird. The work-life divide is non-existent, but that’s been manageable because there hasn’t been much on the “life” side to balance. When you can’t go anywhere or see anyone, it isn’t as important to carve out time to do those things. Go figure.

Now, things are opening up. Opening up on a different world, for sure. Some things are coming back, some things are gone forever. There’s less risk now! Except that there’s more risk, too! I can see you again! If you meet the criteria, that is. And we still don’t know how long we have antibody powers or whether some densely-populated pocket of the earth will launch a wily new variant into the world.  Uncertainty! Adjust your tolerance and live as best you can.

One thing that has helped me stare at too many screens for far too long this past year (and probably for a few months longer) has been my YouTube playlist of downtempo compilations and DJ sets. Mood lifting and mood stabilizing. Meant for both a pulsating crowd of beat-loving people and for me, alone in my home office. Maybe in the Sometime Future I’ll get to a live set – either way I’ll definitely keep my headphones on and bounce along solo.